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Reconnect with classmates and friends, have new experiences, and be enriched by participating in the world’s largest alumni network.

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Penn State 阿尔图纳 alums, 学生, 教师, and staff are always active and busy accomplishing great things all over the world. Stay connected through 艾薇链接, our monthly alumni e-newsletter, and 研究 and Teaching at Penn State 阿尔图纳.

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We want to stay up-to-date with what's happening in your life! If you have recently changed employment, added to your family, 或移动, we hope you'll share your news with us. We may share your good news with your fellow alumni in an upcoming issue of 艾薇链接 and will follow up with you if we need additional information.

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蓝色的 & 白人社会

蓝色的 & 白人社会 is the student membership of the Penn State 校友 Association. Members support the Penn State 校友 Association's service to the University and its communities through Penn State Pride and civic leadership. Beyond connecting the alumni to current 学生, the society aims to bring school spirit to the student body.


给 to 阿尔图纳

Make a difference! Only through the unprecedented generosity of alumni and friends has it been possible for countless financially-challenged 学生 to receive scholarships that enabled them to pursue their dream of a college education.

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Scholarship Thank You Letters

Your scholarship was made possible by generous donors who are proud to support you in your future endeavors. They give to help deserving 学生 like you realize your potential. Let them know how much you appreciate their generosity by writing a personal thank you note!

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Stay Connected

Penn State 阿尔图纳's Office of Development and 校友 Relations is dedicated to keeping alumni and friends of the college connected and informed.